R&D Backend Developer (remote friendly)

Job description

About INDG

At INDG we develop technology that enables engaging, hyper-realistic digital product experiences. Our goal is to make "every product playable", by combining the science of technology with the artistry of computer-generated content. Our offices are in Amsterdam, Bucharest and New York. Clients include Adidas, Yamaha, Ralph Lauren, Electrolux, and Philips.

Our CG artists, interactive designers, and developers focus on creating virtual versions of our clients' products, so lifelike it feels like you could reach out and touch them.

Our culture brings together creative, tech and business individuals. It’s a heady cocktail that keeps us inspired, empowered and passionate.


What’s Grip?

Grip is web-based solution that automatically generates visual content. It’s based on photorealistic 3D, capitalising on INDG’s fifteen-year-long experience in that field. 3D is good because once your beer or your juicer or your rocket is on Grip, it can be used and re-used for multiple media: images, videos, iOS apps, and such.

This vision has worked quite well with clients: in less than two years, Grip won Coca-Cola, Nivea, Heineken, L'Oreal and others. As you can imagine, working with these companies requires knowing why, when and how they produce the thousands of visuals we've been trying to automate. Now, Grip is changing every day to accommodate the things we learn.


Looking for an R&D Backend Developer

This position is open in the Grip R&D department whose job is to develop proof of concepts for the more futuristic Grip features such as machine learning, scalable APIs or distributed physically based rendering.

We are looking for someone who is a flexible and quick generalist able to orient themselves in an ever-changing landscape of what's essentially a lab. Below we offer some characteristics of what we feel such person is like (using 2+ languages and so on).

But no set of characteristics can capture a one-of-a-kind person, so if you believe you qualify for reasons different than indicated below, feel free to write a cover letter showing this.

Job requirements

Skills and traits we're looking for

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Provable experience of tech stack diversity. This is an experimentation facility and quick switching from one stack to another is highly important.
  • Open to learning new languages. Same reason, essentially.
  • Background in C# or Java, Azure is a bonus
  • Active GitHub account is a big bonus
  • Using 2+ backend programming languages is a bonus
  • Understanding of devops and devops cloud experience is a bonus. The lab won't have a specialised devops engineer so doing limited devops for the proof-of-concepts is, essentially, engineers' responsibility
  • Grip is doing images and videos based on 3D models. Experience in image recognition and 3D is a bonus. Please mention any other image-based or image-connected experience in the cover letter.


Geography, language


The job is full-time. If you're already in the Netherlands, you're welcome to work in the development office. If not, we'll offer to work remotely with the possibility of relocation after a year—naturally, only if you want it. Either way, we'll take care of all the formalities that you'll require. All the internal communication is in English.


What you should expect of the hiring process

  • We don't use automated CV-checking systems. Each CV is looked through by a recruiter with 10+ years of engineering experience. We are not doing any IQ or personality tests.
  • Given you know nothing about Grip, we're fine if your cover letter is just a sentence or two. What we need from it is highlights of your career that are particularly relevant to us.
  • Since every CV response is typed by a human, it might take us from two to four weeks to get back to you.
  • The first interview we do is 'passive'. Its purpose is to tell you more about Grip so you could decide if you want to pursue this position further. It includes a visual demonstration of Grip.
  • You are very likely to be asked to write some code after two interviews. You will get feedback about your code regardless of the outcome.