UX/Interaction Designer

Job description

About INDG

At INDG we develop technology that enables engaging, hyper-realistic digital product experiences. Our goal is to make "every product playable", by combining the science of technology with the artistry of computer-generated content. Our offices are in Amsterdam and Bucharest and we have an ever-growing team of remote workers from different areas of the world – the US, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa.. Clients include Puma, The North Face, Honda, Acura, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Shimano, Philips, Bang & Olufsen and more. Our CG artists, designers, and developers focus on creating virtual versions of our clients' products, so lifelike it feels like you could reach out and touch them. Our culture brings together creative, tech and business individuals. It’s a heady cocktail that keeps us inspired, empowered and passionate.

About the job

INDG does all things around 3D, focusing on presenting physical products in digital space in all sorts of interesting ways. As an Interaction Designer you will be responsible for creating digital experiences that fit within the technical boundaries and the needs of our wide range of clients. However – you must not be afraid to challenge these boundaries. We are looking for someone who is experienced in creating digital experiences that look and feel just right. You will be leading the design process-from creating user flows and wireframes to building user interface mockups and prototypes. You will effectively communicate your vision to your colleagues, as well as our clients, and bring that vision to life to build beautiful, inspired and refined interactive products.

As a UX/Interaction designer, you will sometimes be the only interaction design specialist on a project. Therefore, you are expected to plan, prioritise, and deliver your projects independently. You will lead client conversations within your domain, and you will provide extensive recommendations and helping guide client choices.


  • Overseeing all aspects of interactive production from concept to delivery: ideation, design and pixel-perfect implementation.
  • Creating concepts and coming up with ways to explain them to clients and team members alike: developing user journeys, mockups, prototypes, storyboards and presentations.
  • Making sense of complex systems or large volumes of data and content and present them in simplified models to clients and fellow team members.
  • Coming up with ways to bring everyone around to the next level of interactive projects, while meeting the project’s objectives and client expectations.
  • Collaborating with your colleague-designers and developers.
  • Coordinating in-house and external teams, providing constructive feedback and approvals.
  • Ensuring our projects meet the creative and visual quality we stand for, end-to-end across different features and surfaces.

Job requirements


  • Have 5+ years of experience in a similar position.
  • Love products. We do headphones, motorcycles and MRI systems alike, so candidates should be prepared to grok how stuff works from day one. If you don’t know what grok is, grok the word grok.
  • Love humans. You will be in direct contact with English-speaking customers, defending and explaining the teams’ concepts, and with English-speaking talented artists all over the world, leading the execution of these concepts.
  • Love to dive into the customer’s mind. You will be working on projects from different industries with different end users. It is key to understand the end-user, what drives them, and how they will respond to our clients’ product.
  • We are not going to ask you to love deadlines, but you should feel comfortable to lead the team through milestones even when time is tight and stress levels are high.
  • Have strong appreciation for aesthetics and have a portfolio to shows this.

What we offer

This is a remote friendly role. Most of us work from Amsterdam or Bucharest, and if you’re close to any of the two, we’re more than happy to welcome you in our offices. Working at INDG Grip means you’ll be supported with flexible working agreements, an annual L&D budget, mental health and gym benefits, paid annual leave and the right IT equipment for the job. For those working from our office, we offer a well-equipped kitchen with snacks, fruits, lunch, and creative workspaces.

How to apply

You can apply via the link below. Please be aware that we ask you to send your (up to date) CV and portfolio along with your application.