VFX Compositor

Job description

Grip is looking for a VFX Compositor to support the on-set and VFX production for our clients! An exciting opportunity as you’ll be working with some of our biggest clients, travelling around the world to be present during shooting and filming.

You are hands-on and have experience in editing, effects, and compositing software. You are operationally involved in VFX production and are able to combine all elements (2D, 3D) that make one shot as if they naturally belong in one space and balance between the creative and technical side of each component.

What is Grip?

With the help of Grip, companies such as L'Oréal, Coca-Cola and Beiersdorf are automating content production for their entire business. Grip moves classic creation and production efforts into the cloud, where a software solution takes care of generating high-quality visuals, at scale, on-demand and based on data. Brand styles, as well as product look and feel are codified, which ensures an entirely consistent, always on-brand output, no matter who (or what) requests it.

In the few years since we launch, more than 50% of the biggest FMCG / CPG companies started working with Grip. We grow fast as we build a product that changes the whole industry - and the next one after

Job requirements

What will you be doing?

  • Pre-production: create and manage and decide on the entire VFX pipeline, decide on what shots we need, how we can take those, scoping, planning, tracking. Collaborate with client on pre-production meetings.
  • On-set: collaborate with production team to ensure everything we need for VFX is captured and be adaptive to handle changing requirements during the shoots.
  • Post-production: work close with VFX team to make sure everything is put together, oversee quality of work, and ensure output is in line with brief.
  • Find creative ways to ensure that the artistic vision of the client is respected and that projects are delivered on time.
  • Maintain regular communication with the client on the status of projects. Ensure the maintenance of ongoing positive and collaborative working relationships with clients.

Would be amazing if you have:

  • Have a background in visual effects compositing, 3D and understand photography and cameras;
  • Have experience in editing/effects/compositing software (After Effects / Nuke / Natron / Fusion / etc.)
  • Have experience supporting on-set giving practical directions with guiding a shoot: plates, 360˚ HDRIs, angles, point of views;
  • Practical experience with pre-production: making trackers, planning green-screens, dummies, tracking objects, inpainting, etc.
  • Understanding of 3D rendering pipeline, and 3D needs (360˚ HDRIs, roto, 2D+3D tracking)
  • Have experience and enjoy working with clients
  • Enjoy - and are able and flexible to - travel often